Quarantine Cooking Inspires Conagra Brands' Summer Product Release

July 9, 2020
With more than two dozen new products headed to grocery shelves this summer, the new products being debuted are a nod to the uptick in more people cooking and eating at home.

Conagra Brands just announced it was debuting more than two dozen new products this summer, many of which were a nod to the uptick in coronavirus quarantine home cooking. 

Those with dietary restrictions or preferences won't be left out in the cold with the new products hitting the shelves this summer. In a statement, the company said the new meals and snacks were "inspired by trends" and included an array of plant-based meals and keto-friendly products. We've reported on FoodProcessing.com about the increase in plant-based food sales, particularly as it relates to meat analogues. 

Some of the new products Conagra Brands is adding to its mix include:

  • Birds Eye Meatless Lasagna with Gardein Plant-Based Protein
  • Birds Eye Skillets with Gardein Plant-Based Protein
  • Healthy Choice Power Bowls with Gardein Plant-Based Protein
  • Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Jerky
  • Marie Callender's Pot Pies with Gardein Plant-Based Protein
  • Blake's Gluten Free Mac and Cheese
  • Healthy Choice Bone Broth Soups

Read more about the new products being rolled out this summer at www.conagrabrands.com/brands

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