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Sodium Reduction: Where Are We Now?

April 19, 2011
A look at how food and beverage manufacturers have reformulated Public Enemy No. 1.

As the 2010 Dietary Guidelines call for "a gradual reduction in sodium," the charge is on to see how far the food industry has come in terms of sodium reduction. We've compiled salt or sodium-reduction articles and news items from the past five years to see how far food and beverage manufacturers have come and where they're going.


But Wait! There's More!

FoodProcessing.com is launching a new discussion panel webcast series. Our first webcast will cover sodium, specifically how food processors can reduce it in their foods and beverages. We've confirmed Bill Banks of Campbell Soup among others to speak at this informative during this informative web event. Learn more or register at http://www.foodprocessing.com/fpseries

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