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May 2009 Ingredient Round Up - Fats and Oils

April 29, 2009
May's ingredient round-up focuses on fats and oils.

Healthier fat content
Cargill is dedicated to helping you. The breadth and depth of the vendor’s oils and shortening portfolio help processors formulate products with healthier fat content without sacrificing desired taste and performance. Unique and proprietary low saturated fat products, combined with advanced seed research, food application expertise and a market-focused production approach are leveraged to help you respond more quickly to consumer demand and stay competitive. Distinctive fat solution capabilities along with broader ingredient insight and risk management expertise help you achieve your product nutrition and functionality goals while helping grow your top and bottom lines.
Cargill Oils; Wayzata, Minn.

The righT shortening
Vreamay RighT is a reduced trans vegetable shortening for cakes and icings with a wide plastic range for controlled creaming, plus emulsifiers for light, stable icings and moist cakes. It reduces trans fat from the shortening by more than 80 percent and serves as a drop-in replacement to many current formulations. With exceptional stability and resistance to oxidation and off-flavors, Vreamay RighT creates consistent quality for high volume, symmetrical layer cakes and full bodied decorator icings that hold their shape.
Bunge North America; St. Louis
800-828-0800; www.bungenorthamerica.com 

The next generation of cooking oils, omega-9 oils, allows foodservice and manufacturing to deliver healthier foods without compromising taste or performance. Made from Nexera canola and sunflower seeds, they deliver a unique combination of high oleic (omega-9) (greater than 70 percent) and low linolenic (less than 3 percent) fatty acids, which gives the oils flavor and performance attributes. They have zero trans fat and the lowest amount of saturated fat among cooking oils, and they are uniquely high in monounsaturated “heart-healthy” fat, which helps to reduce cholesterol and cut the risk for heart disease and diabetes.
Dow Agrosciences LLC; Indianapolis, Ind.
317-337-3000; www.dowagro.com

Zero trans fats
NovaLipid products make up a complete line of zero trans fat per serving oils and shortenings. They include naturally stable oils and fats, trait-enhanced oils and fats, margarines and shortenings and custom blends. They provide the same great functionality and stability as other oils and can be incorporated into applications with limited processing changes. These oils also help food manufacturers meet trans-fat labeling requirements and allow foodservice operators to offer products with enhanced nutritional benefits.
ADM; Decatur, Ill.
800-637-5843; www.adm.com

America’s original oil
Thanks to its high stability and versatility, cottonseed oil is the solution for reducing trans-fats while enhancing the natural flavor of food. Deeply rooted in American food history, this oil is making a comeback in food processing as a heart-healthy, trans fat-free cooking, baking and frying oil. It is suitable for frying at high temperatures since unwanted flavor transfer between foods is limited, and it is highly shelf stable. Like all vegetable oils, it is cholesterol-free and it also boasts relatively high levels of tocopherols, which are natural antioxidants.
National Cottonseed Products Assn.; Cordova, Tenn.
901-682-0800; www.cottonseed.com

Low-linolenic soybean
A new soybean oil, 30 years in the making, Asoyia has 1 percent linolenic acid (claimed to be the lowest percentage available on the market), which eliminates the need for hydrogenation. Conventional soybean oils must be hydrogenated (creating trans fats) to maintain freshness and stability for commercial cooking applications. This oil is free of trans fatty acids without increasing its saturated fat. The unique soybean that produces the oil is not a genetically modified organism but rather the result of 30 years of research by food scientists and agronomists at Iowa State University.
Asoyia; Iowa City, Iowa
877-276-9421; www.asoyia.com

Pie crust shortening
Roll-Rite P is a trans-free pie crust shortening with a profile ideally suited for use in high speed manufacturing lines. The product characteristics allow for minimal stiffening of the dough during retardation and provide a smooth, pliable, and consistent dough during sheeting. Other product benefits include: Easy oil transfer using a pump, resists work softening to give greater performance when compared to more expensive options such as butter.
Loders Croklaan USA; Channahon, Ill.
800-621-4710; http://northamerica.croklaan.com

Identity-preserved oil
Customers are becoming increasingly aware of product origin and want more information about content and production methods. They also want assurance that the identity of the product and its characteristics have been preserved, with full traceability. Identity Preserved Non-GMO Corn Oil addresses these needs. It’s 100 percent expeller-pressed and is of U.S. origin. Due to its excellent frying quality, pleasing taste and high levels of polyunsaturated fats, corn oil is suited for a multitude of applications including snack foods, potato chips, fried foods, baking mixes, crumb coatings, baked goods, margarines, salad oil and cooking oil.
SK Food International; Fargo, N.D.
701-356-4106; www.skfood.com

Every imaginable oil
The vendor offers every imaginable oil — from almond, apricot kernel and avocado oils to wheat germ oil; as well as specialty oils such as black currant oil and shark and tuna oil; plus butters and waxes, organic specialty seed oils, tocopherols and highly refined (pharmaceutical grade) fish oils. They’re sold in 1-gal. jugs, 5.2-gal. pails or 55-gal. drums or by weight.
Jedwards International; Quincy, Mass.
617-472-9300; www.bulknaturaloils.com

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