March 2009 Ingredient Round Up - Savory Flavors and Ingredients

Feb. 23, 2009
March's ingredient round-up focuses on savory flavors and ingredients.
Tastes like saltHigh levels of sodium consumption are associated with hypertension and cardiovascular ailments, but reducing sodium in food products is a major challenge for manufacturers as it negatively impacts palatability. A new product, Sub4salt, is capable of reducing sodium content in processed foods by up to 50 percent and does not compromise on taste. A 1:1 replacement for salt, it does not give rise to any side-effects such as bitter, metallic or broth-like tastes that are common in some substitution products using MSG, yeast extracts or potassium chloride. Moreover, it can be easily handled by manufacturing personnel as it does not cause dust formation nor have any complex mixing or calculation requirements.Jungbunzlauer International; Basel, Switzerland

Better beef
Patented Savory-Edge Enhancer for Beef delivers juicy, meaty and rare notes to any beef application. An allergen-free, natural flavor, it has the ability to offset warmed-over beef flavor, as well as “livery-grassy” notes found in lower grades of beef, by enhancing the desirable savory notes. The flavor is built on a multi-phase reaction process of oil, water, air and other enablers that gives it the ability to add multiple flavor dimensions. It can be used as a marinade with any cut of beef, as well as with frozen beef entrees and slow-cooked beef applications. The flavor is kosher certified and available in dry powder.
Kraft Food Ingredients; Memphis Tenn.

Liquid Parmesan
Natural Parmesan-type Flavor 1411373-Liquid is a strong, aged Parmesan-type flavor with a well balanced pungency. It’s oil soluble, kosher pareve and a member of the non-Dairy Vision line. This ED-Vantage flavor has no added diacetyl and is non-genetically engineered.
Edlong Dairy Flavors; Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Cheesy flavors
Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients (EMDIs) include cheese-flavored ingredients that can stand alone and still be labeled as named cheeses. The vendor’s portfolio includes a range of vegetable/herb, meat, dairy and fruit flavors, as well as customized flavor solutions.
Cargill Flavor Systems; Wayzata, Minn.

Create a mood
New snack seasonings for chips, nuts, fruits, dried vegetables, and snack mixes feature flavors that evoke a certain mood or emotion. A sampling includes Naughty, Excited, Angry, On Vacation and Cheerful. All of the snacks are either reduced sodium or reduced sugar. The reduced sodium snacks are made with KCLean Salt, which not only cuts the sodium content in half, but matches salt’s taste, texture, functionality and mouthfeel. The reduced sugar snacks are made with Mag-nifique Sweet Lift, which enhances sweetness without all the sugar and calories.
Wixon; St. Francis, Wis.

Authentic, natural chicken flavors
Chicken is a nearly universal comfort food, and consumers want authentic, familiar chicken tastes created by cooking techniques they know. A new range of highly authentic, natural chicken flavors has been created by a global team of research chefs. The new products provide a toolkit of key chicken profiles, including boiled white meat, boiled dark meat, skin, roasted and grilled, which can be combined and augmented to create a virtually unlimited number of custom results for applications including soups, sauces, bouillons, gravies, marinades, noodles, quick service foods, frozen foods and more.
IFF; New York

Accelerated browning
Easy-Brown has been developed to deliver roasted flavor, appealing caramel color and a variety of other benefits in meats, vegetables, and baked goods. In meat or poultry-based applications, it accelerates browning and provides a caramelized color and rich flavor. By reducing the cook times and temperatures, it also helps to improve cook yield. In vegetable applications, the systems help to increase freeze-thaw stability, reduce cook time and shrinkage as well as improve texture. In baked goods applications, they produce a consistent brown color with glossy sheen, prevent moisture migration and can be used to replace liquid egg washes.
Advanced Food Systems; Somerset, N.J.

Green tea punch
Green tea is known for its subtle taste and powerful antioxidant qualities. New shuffled green tea flavor blends -- pomegranate green tea, hibiscus green tea and watermelon green tea -- can be used in alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, confections, baked goods, savory creations and more. These new blends will give products a more competitive edge. The shuffled flavors are part of a new company-wide flavor campaign that aims to combine unusual yet complementary tastes to create unique, exotic and perfectly paired flavors.
GSB Flavor Creators; Kennesaw, Ga.

Three salt products
SaltWise is a product that offers food manufacturers the ability to reduce sodium levels 25-50 percent while delivering the same taste. It’s easy to formulate and is designed for use in a variety of applications, such as salted snacks, processed meats, soups and dressings.
Cargill Salt; Minneapolis

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