Ingredient Round-Up March 2008 - Savory Flavors

March 7, 2008
March's Ingredient Round-Up features savory flavors and ingredients, including Kraft Food Ingredients, Cargill, Sunspice, reduced-sodium beverages, salt replacers, and many more.

Natural charbroiled flavor

Organic Grill Flavor is an authentic-tasting grilled flavor that delivers the charbroiled, savory and smoky notes associated with cooking over charcoal in an organic form without specialized processing. This cost-effective product is natural, does not contain hydrogenated oil and is not made with genetically modified ingredients. It can be used when formulating organic meats, entrees, sauces, gravies, broths, dressings, soups, snacks and side dishes. The flavor also is kosher certified and available in liquid or spray-dried form.

Kraft Food Ingredients; Memphis, Tenn.

Soy bacon bits

Restaurants and food developers are able to use Identity Preserved (IP) Prosante Plus imitation bacon bits around the world. These textured soy flour bits are rich in the soy protein recognized by health authorities and consumers for lowering blood cholesterol and helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. They contain no cholesterol and no trans fat and they look taste and feel like fried, crumbled bacon. In addition, food developers can incorporate the soy-based bacon bits as a high-quality protein source at an economical price.

Cargill Inc.; Minneapolis

Organic seasoned oils

Herb and spice oils from the Sunspice collection now can be labeled with the organic seal. These oils are derived from Asian cuisine where herbs or spice blends are traditionally roasted in oil before the cooking process begins, and then the flavored oil is filtered and used in the appropriate dish. The result is a series of unique, aromatic oils with full flavor and the typical scent of the herbs or spices that were roasted. These prepared oils can be used conveniently in whatever quantities are needed without having to undergo time-consuming cooking preparation.

Symrise Inc.; Teterboro, N.J.

Less salty breakfast

If you attended lasts summer's IFT Expo, you may have tasted an organic, low-sodium turkey breakfast sausage, developed by the vendor. The key was Sea Salt KCLean Salt -- a salt substitute with all the properties of regular salt but half the sodium -- along with the company's proprietary blend of spices and seasonings, all of which resulted in a 40 percent reduced-sodium product compared to a national brand. In addition to such custom-ground spices, blended seasonings, sweet and savory flavors and a variety of other finished products, the company offers R&D services as well as product development, packaging, warehousing and delivery.

Wixon Inc.; St. Francis, Wis.

Reduced-sodium beverages

Benephos is a new reduced-sodium phosphate technology that provides beverage formulators the ability to market shelf-stable beverages that are lower in sodium. This product aids in the stabilization of proteins and minerals and enhances color as well as flavor. It is a reduced-sodium version of a broadly used soluble polyphosphate that delivers the benefits of increased potassium while reducing standard sodium contribution by as much as 70 percent.

ICL Performance Products; St. Louis

Salt replacers

Pressure on food manufacturers to cut sodium levels has led to a new line of natural yeast extract salt replacers. Some applications include general replacement of salt, salt replacement and enhancement of flavor in turkey and poultry products, as well as use in conjunction with potassium chloride to mask its metallic flavor. These products act as flavor catalysts, adding flavor and enhancement to the perception of salt, while adding depth to the core flavors in order to round out the complete flavor profile.

Savoury Systems Intl.; Branchburg, N.J.

Fresh new flavors

Some unique new seasonings will help salty snack companies meet today’s consumer taste preferences. Snack Seasonings is a product line designed for topical application to chips, puffs, and pretzels and similar snacks. New seasoning additions include such on-trend flavors as: dill pickle, tomato basil, firecracker cheese and hot mustard. These flavors round out a product line that already boasted such classics as nacho cheese, sour cream and onion and cheddar-bacon flavors.

Land O’Lakes Ingredients Solutions; St. Paul, Minn.

Multiple delicious products

By integrating everything from injection systems and culinary bases to ethnic seasoning blends and rubs, the products from this company help developers build savory flavor from the inside out. The many product choices bring a top-to-bottom suite of flavor solutions to keep today’s flavor-savvy mouths watering.

Spicetec; Cranbury, N.J.