February 2008 Flavoring Ingredient Roundup

Feb. 4, 2008

Yeast extract improves flavor

Maxarome Select yeast extract can help reduce sodium and replace MSG while creating a whole new flavor dimension especially in salted snacks and chips. This natural, clean-tasting yeast extract is effective in creating balance, as well as accelerating flavor intensity and release – while having just a clean, neutral taste profile of its own. It also enables a clean label.

DSM Food Specialties; Eagleville, Pa.
914-432-5048; www.dsm.com

Healthy cherry

The benefits of cherry are far deeper than the luscious red color and juicy flavor; it also delivers powerful health benefits. VitaCherry packs the dynamic power of the cherry into highly concentrated, standardized cherry powders. Available in several dried forms with specific anthocyanin levels, it is a good choice for cherry nutrition. This product can be added easily to nutritional and meal replacement bars, nutritional supplements, healthy glucose management products, gout applications, flex formulas, healthy aging applications or any product looking for great taste and color.

VDF FutureCeuticals; Momence, Ill.
888-452-6853; www.futureceuticals.com

Tea with antioxidants

With Guardian Green Tea Extracts, food products taste better longer.They have a complementary flavor that enhances the natural flavors of foods. Plus, the natural antioxidant properties of green tea are particularly effective for products susceptible to oxidation, including low-fat, trans-free products and foods with a high content of polyunsaturated fat. Applications include dressings, soups, sauces, meat, poultry and seafood products. A natural, healthy alternative to synthetic antioxidants like BHA and BHT, the product is label-friendly and more cost-effective than other natural antioxidants.

Danisco USA Inc.; New Century, Kan.
800-255-6837; www.danisco.com

Papaya aplenty

New papaya formulations are sure to lend the ideal papaya profile to an extensive variety of product applications. Papaya’s refreshing tropical flavor easily compliments other fruit profiles, particularly citrus, berry and other tropical fruits. Available flavors include papaya, papaya pineapple, papaya peach mango and papaya passionfruit.

These natural, liquid, water-soluble flavors can be used in a variety of applications including beverages, yogurts, fruit snacks, soy bases and dairy products.

Robertet Flavors; Piscataway, N.J.
732-981-8300; www.robertet.com

Optimize flavor

While consumers may want low-cal beverages, high-intensity sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame often cause undesirable aftertastes. Fit masks off flavors and unpleasant aftertastes and enhances beverage flavors as well. Making the right balance of sweetness and sourness in a beverage is easy because it has a lingering, mildly sour taste that complements high-intensity sweeteners. It’s label-friendly and, as with all lactic acid ingredients, it is safe, nutritious and delicious.

Purac America Inc; Lincolnshire, Ill.
847-634-6330; www.purac.com

Solid vanilla

Solid Extract Vanilla Bourbon FR addresses the needs of customers who do not want vanilla products that contain alcohol, as well as those that are looking for a more highly concentrated version of standard vanilla extract. It offers high-quality, authentic flavor and is compatible to a wide range of formulations. It comes in a highly concentrated syrup form. The manufacturer will assist customers in formulating products with this breakthrough ingredient.

Frutarom Inc.; North Bergen, N.J.
800-526-7147; www.frutaron.com

Flavors for chocolate coatings

A new (2008) line of innovative flavors brings pomegranate, green apple, tea, mojito, cappuccino and sauterne, among other flavors, into chocolates and compound coatings. The flavors can be used in other applications that require oil-soluble flavors.

Virginia Dare; Brooklyn, N.Y.
410-569-9766; virginiadare.com

Eliminates bitterness

B-BlockT Natural Flavor modifier is a natural flavor that allows the delivery of functional ingredients to provide health benefits without sacrificing taste. It’s a GRAS natural flavor engineered to eliminate bitter and astringent off-notes functional ingredients typically impart on foods or beverages. Based on the company’s proprietary “Taste Nanology” solutions, the flavor range targets some of the 25 taste receptors on the tongue.

Blue Pacific Flavors; City of Industry, Calif.
800-248-7499; www.bluepacificflavors.com

Powders from the chef

The company has partnered with Chef Todd English to molecularly recreate five of his most famous dishes into Flavor Perfections. These all natural, low-calorie, dry melting powders will transform plain cooked fish, meat, vegetables and pasta into gourmet entrees. The heat and moisture transform the powders into a glaze that infuses the entree with flavor. Available are Todd’s Teriyaki Glaze, Toscana Garlic Rosemary, Puttanesca Sauce Seasoning, Pesto Genovese and Bonfire Barbeque.

Givaudan Flavors Corp.; Cincinnati, Ohio
513-948-8000; www.givaudan.com

Versatile green tea powder

Green tea is a nutritional power food, and consumers know it. No. 2 Green Tea Powder is a certified organic, half-shaded, Japanese green tea powder for use in foods and other products. Created from Japanese, half-shaded tea from June’s second picking, the whole tea leaf, including the veins, is used in a proprietary technique that creates a top quality green tea powder. Water soluble at 25°C, it is perfect for food service as well as production applications. It makes beverages, desserts, baked goods and anywhere else green tea is used.

Top Taste International; Mt. Vernon, Ill.
618-242-5711; www.toptasteinternational.com

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