New Ingredient Profile: January 2008

Jan. 14, 2008
January's ingredient profiles include a strategic partnership, lemongrass herb, a lesson on chocnology and a tooth-friendly sweetner.


Ganeden Biotech and P. L. Thomas (PLT) has announced that PLT will represent GanedenBC30, (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) to the food and beverage industries. GanedenBC30,  a patented probiotic with self-affirmed GRAS status, has many healthful benefits and applications.  This superior probiotic ingredient maintains viable cells after surviving harsh manufacturing processes such as high pressure, high heat and cold conditions.   It has a long shelf life, low use level, and does not need to be refrigerated.  GanedenBC30 can be baked, boiled, frozen and squeezed into virtually any food and beverage application.    GanedenBC30 is Kosher certified. GanedenBC30, is shielded by a natural organic layer which protects the probiotics cells, not only during extreme manufacturing processes, but also from acids in the stomach.  This protection allows the cells to remain viable through the intestine, multiply and produce results.

Tooth-friendly sweetner

Gadot Biochemical Ind. has introduced NRGylose, a tooth-friendly, slow-digesting sweetener with a low glycemic index. Since NRGylose is digested much slower than sucrose, it contributes to a prolonged glucose and energy supply. NRGylose is a bulk-sweetener carbohydrate. Chemically known as isomaltulose, it is a disaccharide made by fermentation from refined sugar (sucrose) using a non-GMO bacterial strain. Compared to sucrose, isomaltulose is digested much more slowly, leading to a low glycemic response while providing the same caloric value as sugar. However, this energy is spread across a longer period of time. Any increase in blood-sugar level is more moderate, and therefore any increase in insulin levels is moderate too.  Isomaltulose’s properties and nutritional benefits can be added to a wide spectrum of formulations, including energy drinks, sports and isotonic drinks, products for diabetics, candy and chocolate bars, milk drinks, yoghurts, soft-drinks and cereals.


Van Drunen Farms (VDF) now offers IQF Lemongrass for food processing use. Lemongrass is a tall, grassy-like perennial herb primarily grown in India, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and is domestically grown in Florida, California and Illinois. It is an essential ingredient for Thai and Vietnamese cooking, and increasingly popular fare on menus and retail shelves today. Lemongrass offers a distinct citrus scent and refreshing taste that helps to lighten richer foods. As the demand for Asian cuisine continues to grow, access to key ingredients that make each dish authentic can be a challenge. IQF Lemongrass from VDF is simply a quality, fresh lemongrass product that has been flash-frozen right after harvest, preserving its aroma, fresh taste, color, and piece identity. Lemongrass is typically used in curries, soups and seafood dishes, and this aromatic herb pairs especially well with garlic, cilantro and chile flavors. It is ideal for marinades, salad dressings, stews and even frozen pizza. Van Drunen Farms offers IQF Lemongrass in fine cut format; customization is available.


ERZA Schokolade is introducing two-coloured chocolate drops and probiotic specialities. HERZA will also be showing their expanded range of organic and Fairtrade products. HERZA offers small chocolate pieces and compounds in various forms, such as chips, flakes, drops, chunks, hearts and stars, suitable for addition to ice-cream, dairy products, desserts and fruit products, as well as muesli, cake mixtures, biscuits and baby foods. The entire range of chocolate products is available in various sizes and flavours. For example, new additions to the range are aerated chocolate in small pieces and two-coloured chocolate drops for the refinement of ice-cream, frozen cakes and muesli. The double drops, which make a visual highlight of any final product, are also available as compounds. In the chocolate trimmings sector, HERZA now offers products in almost any imaginable form to provide ice creams and cakes with that extra something. The company also offers customised solutions to meet their customers’ individual trimming requirements. The demand for foodstuffs with additional health-giving properties is growing hand in hand with the development of current fitness and wellness trends. Consumers are also prepared to pay more for such products - at least as long as the flavours are right. HERZA Schokolade supports dairies, bakeries, cereals and ice-cream manufacturers in the exploitation of these market potentials. HERZA offers functional specialities enriched with bioactive additives such as vitamins, ballast fibres, omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. The entire range is also available in organic or Fairtrade quality. In addition, a major proportion of the chocolate products can be supplied with sugar substitutes or with reduced sugar content.