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August 2007 Ingredient Round-Up - Dairy Flavors and Ingredients

Aug. 24, 2007
August's Ingredient Round-Up features dairy flavors and ingredients, including cheddar blends, diary fat replacers and probiotic ingredients. Read on for the latest formulations from Edlong Dairy Flavors, Kraft Food Ingredients, Gum Technology Corp., and many more.

Dairy without diacetyl

After several years of research, the company has developed flavor technology that eliminates the need for added diacetyl in dairy flavors.  Ed-Vantage is the new line of non-diacetyl dairy flavors, which provides the mouthfeel, aroma and buttery flavor that are characteristic of diacetyl-containing products but with a clean label. Evaluation of the flavors in microwave popcorn, cookies, sauces, dips, desserts, beverages, etc., shows the buttery notes of diacetyl can be effectively reproduced by these non-diacetyl flavors. The Ed-Vantage line of dairy flavors also is free of dairy allergens, non-GMO and more cost-stable than those subject to the currently escalating dairy commodities market. Samples are available.

Edlong Dairy Flavors; Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Cheddar blend

Pasteurized Premium Cured Cheddar Blend is a proprietary blend of cheeses that retains its flavor consistency and texture throughout its shelf life. As an ingredient, it provides a versatile, convenient and cost-effective option to cold-pack cheddar cheese, providing the same flavor impact as a club cheese but at a lower usage level and a more favorable cost. The cheddar blend functions well with sauces, soups, side dishes and entrees.

Kraft Food Ingredients; Memphis, Tenn.

Custom melting sauces

Marrying convenience and simplicity with flavor, Custom Melts are a unique way to bring sauce to your refrigerated and frozen products. Added to a meal kit or side dish, fresh tasting Custom Melts turn into sauces in moments. They are made using a patented technology that is customizable, so they deliver the form, flavor and functionality your application demands. They're available in more than a dozen varieties, including Sharp Cheddar, Alfredo, Pepper Jack, Creamy Pesto, Garlic-Herb and Country Gravy.

Sargento Food Ingredients; Plymouth, Wis.

Replace fat in dairy

Coyote Brand Stabilizer Dairy Fat Replacer was specifically formulated to mimic fatty textures in dairy products. It creates a creamy mouthfeel in applications with lowfat milk or even nonfat dry milk. The Dairy Fat Replacer sets cold and provides good suspension and aeration. It also binds moisture to reduce syneresis.

Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.

Probiotic kefir shot

Howaru Kefir Bifido is a kefir blend combined with a probiotic strain. The documented immune-modulating properties add a further health-enhancing benefit to this energizing dairy beverage. The new blend is part of a kefir range based on real, freeze-dried kefir grains, which come with a long list of reputed health benefits, yeasts and lactic cultures to provide various textures and flavor intensity.

Danisco; New Century, Kan.

Nutritional boost for dairy

A series of new ingredient systems is available for enhancing dairy products. Specially formulated for yogurts, smoothies and flavored milks, these solutions are the first to be launched under the new Enrich service, which enables food and beverage manufacturers to create products that are packed with additional nutrients but taste as good as regular brands. The vendor's Enrich service is focused on three main areas: digestive health and immunity; obesity and weight management; and children's health.

Tate & Lyle Plc; London

Correction … and an effective antimicrobial

We carried some outdated information in our Misc. Ingredients round-up in July. Natural antimicrobial Mirenat-N is no longer distributed by A&B Ingredients. But A&B does offer CytoGuard Antimicrobials, based on lauric arginate, a derivate of lauric acid, L-arginine and ethanol, all naturally occurring substances. They're suitable for controlling the shelf life of refrigerated food products, particularly meats. Typically used at very low levels, CytoGuard does not impact flavor, color, texture or pH of the product. It kills bacteria by altering the cell membranes of the microbes, preventing their growth, and is not affected by pH. It is effective against listeria, salmonella, e. coli, campylobacter, yeast and molds, lactobacillus and others.

A&B Ingredients; Fairfield, N.J.

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