June 2007 Ingredient Round-Up - Fiber

June 18, 2007
June's Ingredient Round-Up features fibers, including beverage fibers, tapioca, water soluable fibers, resistant starch and cereal solution sets. Read on for the latest fiber ingredients from Danisco, Cargill, National Starch Food Innovation, MGP Ingredients Inc., Dow Chemical Co., and many more.

High-fiber beverage

Introducing Hi-Fi, a high-fiber, low-pH protein drink featuring Litesse II polydextrose and Grindsted Pectin AMD 384, that supplies approximately 25 percent of the recommended daily intake of fiber. Consumers are interested in incorporating foods and beverages that address their specific health concerns yet are convenient to accommodate their busy lifestyles. Along with its high fiber content, this beverage supplies prebiotic benefits for digestive health.

Danisco; Copenhagen, Denmark

Tapping tapioca

ActiStar RT resistant tapioca starch provides the benefits of high-fiber in food formulations with lower net carbohydrates. A replacement for flour with about 80 percent total dietary fiber, the ingredient is especially useful in reducing the total net carbs in typically high-carb foods such as breads and cereal. ActiStar RT has a low water-holding capacity, permitting high levels of inclusion with few formulation changes and a non-gummy texture. As a source of bland, resistant starch, ActiStar RT doesn't detract from taste, texture or appearance of finished products.

Cargill Inc.; Minneapolis

Flexible fiber

A key ingredient in Tropicana Pure Premium Essentials Fiber orange juice is Fibersol-2, a soluble dietary fiber that doesn't impact taste and leaves transparent beverages looking clean and clear. This digestion-resistant maltodextrin doesn't interfere with mineral or calcium absorption, and could also be used in baked goods, cereals, yogurt, processed meats, dairy and frozen dairy items, soups, dressings, meal replacements, dietary supplements and medical and functional foods.

Archer Daniels Midland Co.; Decatur, Ill.

Water soluble

Roquette Freres and National Starch have agreed to market Nutriose, a novel soluble fiber made from corn and wheat, in the U.S. and Mexico. This water-soluble fiber product is ideally suited for high-moisture applications, such as beverage and dairy. It preserves a great taste in finished products and has outstanding digestive tolerance making it excellent for health-conscious consumers who want to add fiber to their diets -- and get it through their favorite foods without compromising taste.

Roquette Freres; France
National Starch Food Innovation; Bridgewater, N.J.

Resistant starch

FiberRite RW is a new, highly functional resistant wheat starch that delivers nutritional benefits including fat replacement properties, high dietary fiber content and caloric reduction. It has successfully been formulated into a wide range of applications, including bakery products, crème fillings, confections, frozen desserts, yogurt, sauces and salad dressings. Physical properties include an extremely white color, smooth texture and neutral flavor profile, which allow it to easily be incorporated into foods.

MGP Ingredients Inc.; Atchison, Kan.

May reduce diabetes

Methocel hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, a water soluble food gum used in a broad range of food products, has shown promise as a dietary supplement that "may reduce the chances that obese people will develop diabetes and its deadly complications," according to recent research by USDA. A well-known food ingredient, it has been used for more than 50 years in food applications where its primary function is to provide moisture retention, binding action and textural properties to food products. It is made from natural cellulose, comes as a high purity powder with no caloric value and is virtually colorless, odorless and tasteless in food formulations.

Dow Chemical Co.; Midland, Mich.

Cereal solution sets

Two new Cereal Ingredient Solution Sets, Breakfast Cereal Enrich 701 and Breakfast Cereal Enrich 702, contain an optimized combination of functional ingredients designed for use in multigrain or whole-grain expanded cereals. Both sets contain high amounts of oat fiber without sacrificing the radial or axial expansion and crispiness of the product. If used as suggested, they provide 8g of whole grain per 30g of finished cereal. These products also contain Splenda sucralose, which provides uniform sweetness distribution and eliminates stickiness created during extrusion of sugar-containing formulas.

Tate & Lyle PLC; London

New GRAS status

Sunfiber, a partially hydrolyzed guar gum, recently received generally recognized as safe status, giving food and beverage manufacturers the freedom to add this beneficial ingredient to an even broader variety of consumer-friendly foods. This product is an all-natural, soluble dietary fiber that has been clinically shown to help lower glycemic index, improve mineral absorption and maintain digestive health. It can be incorporated into all foods or beverages to increase fiber content without affecting taste or texture. It also exhibits excellent stability with respect to pH, heat and freeze/thaw conditions.

Taiyo International Inc.; Minneapolis

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