June 2006 Ingredient Round-Up - Gums and Hydrocolloids

June 1, 2006
These seven ingredients deliver fantastic functionality to processors of bakery, beverage, dairy, center-of-the-plate protein and other food products.

Make more dough

Reduce ice crystallization and retard moisture migration in frozen dough with Coyote stabilizer XAK-FB. This cost-effective bread stabilizer blends gum arabic, xanthan and konjac to improve the characteristics of frozen dough and the resulting baked product. Coyote XAK-FB adds fiber and improves crumb color, loaf volume and machinability.

Gum Technology Corp.; Tucson, Ariz.
520-888-5500; www.gumtech.com

Iceless ice cream

VersaGum xanthan gum is a shear-stable ingredient, remaining stable across a broad range of pHs and temperatures. In bakery products, it provides water and air cell control to improve dough texture, filling stability and shelf life. Its suspension and emulsion control enhances pourability and cling in dressing and sauces. In beverages, it produces clean body for a pleasant mouthfeel and improves the texture of dairy products through ice crystal control.

Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties; Minneapolis
952-742-6000; www.cargill.com

Flexible dairy thickener

A new natural gum system, Dairyblend 701-SC, is primarily used for sour cream as a thickener, water binder and stabilizer. It allows for a softer set for dips and culinary applications and can be incorporated into other dairy based products such as cheesecakes and sauces and gravies to aid in suspension and stabilization. The typical usage rate is between 0.1 and 0.5 percent with hydration achieved after heating to 180°F.

TIC Gums; Belcamp, Md.
800-899-3953; www.ticgums.com

Award-winning pectin

Genu LM pectin won an innovation award at the 2005 Food Ingredients Europe show. This new pectin makes it possible to create jams and jellies based on low soluble solids that taste, look and behave like the real thing but without huge amounts of sugar. Or create delicious fruit-based dessert gels, again without a lot of sugar but loaded with healthy fruit. It also helps prevent fat absorption during deep frying.

CP Kelco; Atlanta
678-247-7300; www.cpkelco.com

Specialty carrageenans

New carrageenan technologies will increase yield, prevent drip loss and ensure freeze/thaw stability for meat, fish and poultry products. Three new products offer benefits such as increase in yield and reduction of syneresis. Ceamgel 1313, a cold-water-soluble iota carrageenan, is suitable for injection or tumbling for raw or marinated products. It improves water retention, offers improved juicyness and reduced cooking loss. Ceamvis 3383 improves sliceability, offers heat resistance and maintains the natural texture profile of cooked and sliced products. Ceamgel M-9393 is a multi-purpose carrageenan that provides excellent water binding while enhancing and adding texture and mouthfeel. It can be incorporated into a brine solution which can be added to meat by multi-needle injection, tumbling or both procedures.

P.L. Thomas; Morristown, N.J.
973-984-0900; www.plthomas.com

Acacia for low GI

Fibregum is 100 percent acacia gum, which has been proven to significantly reduce the total glycemic index of food products, according to the company. Fibregum itself has a negligible GI since it is not digested in the small intestine. All natural, GMO-free, flavorless and odorless, it is an excellent source of soluble dietary fiber (90 percent). It's also a prebiotic shown to enhance digestive health and to provide other functional benefits. It offers superior stabilization, enhanced texture, fiber fortification and increased shelf-life.

Colloides Naturels Inc.; Bridgewater, N.J.
908-707-9400; www.cniworld.com

Natural cellulose

Methocel hydroxypropyl methylcellulose has shown promise as a dietary supplement that "may reduce the chances that obese people will develop diabetes and its deadly complications," according to recent research by the USDA. This family of water-soluble gums is made from natural cellulose, the most abundant, renewable carbohydrate found in nature. They are high-purity powders with no caloric value, and are virtually colorless, odorless, and tasteless in food formulations.

Dow Chemical Co.; Midland, Mich.
989-636-1000; www.methocelfoodgums.com

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