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October 2005 Ingredients Round-Up - Fat Replacers

Sept. 23, 2005
These five fine fat replacers can help processors achieve their formulation fantasies.
Balancing actRebalance System Satin 50 is a combination of thickeners, texture enhancing ingredients and Splenda sucralose for use in salad dressings, sauces and marinades. Manufacturers can reformulate the above mentioned items to achieve lower calories and/or reduced fat. It is currently supplied as a co-processed mix ready for blending with oil and flavoring ingredients, and can be used in a variety of applications including pourable and spoonable dressings, vinaigrettes, as well as cold processed sauces and marinades.Tate & Lyle; London800-526-5728; www.tateandlyle.com
Lipids to replace transAs food manufacturers prepare for the upcoming 2006 FDA requirement to label trans-fatty acid content on food labels, help comes in the form of the NovaLipid line of fats and oils. Each one is specifically formulated to contain little or no trans fat. NovaLipid products have an extremely low taste profile, making them a suitable addition or alternative to a vast number of food applications such as shortenings, margarines, confections and many other prepared foods.ADM; Decatur, Ill.800-637-5843 ext. 4107; www.admworld.comStructured lipidIn response to food industry needs to replace trans fats, Neobee MLT-B is a structured lipid based on medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). It’s a suitable replacement for partially hydrogenated vegetable soil (PHVO). Designed to mimic the solid fat index of PHVO in baking applications, the product incorporates the dietary and health benefits of MCTs, which are metabolized in one-eighth of the time and deliver fewer calories than typical long-chain fats. MCTs follow a unique metabolic pathway, traveling directly to the liver rather than through the lymphatic system, and therefore are not accumulated as fat in body tissues.Stepan Food and Health Specialties; Maywood, N.J.201-712-7642; www.stepan.com
Clearly canolaClear Valley 65 high oleic canola oil brings superior performance to hydrogenated shortenings, and superior fry stability and improved fry flavor. This specialty canola oil has zero grams of trans fats from hydrogenation and the lowest level of saturated fats, making it a suitable product to meet label needs for trans fat elimination. Cargill Food & Pharma Specialties; Minneapolis877-650-7080; www.cargill.comExpeller-pressed soybean oilWith the clock running on trans fats, a healthy replacement is Nexsoy Trans Fat-Free, an expeller-pressed soybean oil. It is manufactured without the use of chemical solvents or refining caustics. It has the stability of partially hydrogenated soybean oil but is free of unhealthy trans fats. It can be used in commercial frying applications, snack foods, dressings and sauces, and is available in non-GMO and organic versions.Nexcel Food Ingredients; Springfield, Ill.217-391-0091; www.nexsoy.com

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