Givaudan Identifies Reb-A Bitter Taste Receptor

June 11, 2009

Flavors and fragrances company, Givaudan, has identified and applied for patents related to its discovery of the bitter taste receptor triggered by Rebaudioside-A, the new Stevia-derived ‘natural high intensity sweetener’ recently pronounced safe by the U.S. FDA.  Understanding how bitterness is activated in the mouth with Reb-A has enabled Givaudan to discover and develop flavour ingredients that specifically block this mechanism. 

Food and beverage company product developers normally encounter significant taste problems with Reb-A’s lingering and off-notes.  Effectively masking these, along with flavour profile enhancement, is key to successful consumer product development of sweetened foods and beverages that contain Reb-A.

Givaudan has utilized advances in taste research, sensory science and receptor-guided ingredient discovery to address the bitterness associated with Reb A.   Screening of a diverse chemical library has led to a portfolio of more than 20 new, best in class flavour ingredients effective against Reb A bitterness.  Over the last two years, Givaudan obtained regulatory approval for six new natural ingredients for intense sweetener taste improvement.

In addition to basic ingredient research, Givaudan has developed an in-depth sensory understanding of bitterness blocking requirements for a range of high-intensity sweeteners through an expert tasting panel of people sensitive to Reb-A off-notes. This is essential to Givaudan’s ongoing testing and proprietary ingredient development programme.

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