L-Theanine Receives GRAS Confirmation

Nov. 12, 2010
Blue California was notified its L-TeaActive received GRAS status from the U.S Food and Drug Administration.
Ingredient producer Blue California recently received notification from the FDA that its L-TeaActive has been granted GRAS status. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. The company's L-theanine, trademarked as L-TeaActive, is produced from green tea leaves and other natural ingredients using a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures high purity, lower cost, efficacy and safety. The final product, L-theanine standardized to 98%, is safe for use in food products and is offered at a much more competitive price than other forms of this ingredient currently available in the market. L-TeaActive is manufactured by Blue California under strict GMP and ISO9001:2000 quality certifications by NSF. Blue California is a manufacturer of Kosher-certified high purity botanical extracts and other unique ingredients for use in foods, beverages, cosmetics and dietary supplements.

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