FDA Grants GRAS Letters of No Objection to Sunwin and Wild Flavors

March 25, 2010
Sunwin and Wild Flavors offer FDA GRAS affirmed stevia options for taste, price and flavor needs

Sunwin International Neutraceuticals and Wild Flavors have received official notification defined as “Letters of No Objection” from the U.S. Food and  Drug  Administration  (FDA) that the agency has reviewed the companies extensive  independent  research  submission  and  agree that Sunwin Stevia Extracts  are  Generally  Recognized  As Safe (GRAS). The FDA letters of no objection  affirm the safety of Sunwin Stevia Extracts and the data used in supporting that determination.

Sunwin  and  Wild Flavors received “Letters of No Objection” GRAS affirmation on  five  stevia  extract  products,  including  their  Rebaudioside  A 98, Rebaudioside  A 95, Rebaudioside A 80, Rebaudioside A 60, and Stevioside 90 Stevia  Extracts. Sunwin and Wild have a successful track record producing, marketing  and  selling  these  and  other  extracts  in  the global stevia markets.  This  diverse  FDA GRAS affirmed product family now allows Sunwin and  its partner Wild Flavors to offer global customers an array of options for  consumer  products  sold to US consumers. By offering these high grade extracts, Wild Flavors can work with food and beverage companies to develop customized  sweetening  systems  meeting  specific taste, price and caloric goals,  which  are  projected  to  be  strong competitive advantages in the market place.

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