Cargill Offers Expertise on Formulating With Healthy Oils

July 10, 2009

Cargill has launched a new oils and shortening knowledge center,, within its food ingredient web site on The knowledge center provides information to food manufacturers seeking to formulate healthier products. It not only gives an overview of oils and nutrition, it also showcases Cargill's knowledge and in-house technical expertise in the fats and oils arena.

"This new knowledge center is a great source of information about fats and oils and really serves as a portal to answering questions about current issues and options," said Lynne Morehart, technical services manager, Cargill Oils & Shortenings Team. "We believe it will be a helpful tool for food manufacturers looking for solutions to achieve their nutrition, performance and cost goals."

Customers visiting the knowledge center will get an overview of oils and shortenings and learn about issues such as nutrition claims and palm sustainability. The center features an expansive, "From the Experts" section demonstrating Cargill's knowledge and capabilities through a series of questions and answers with key technical oil experts. The "Solutions" section helps customers understand different processes and solutions that can be applied to achieve nutritional goals.

The knowledge center also includes an interactive label calculator to demonstrate how different oils affect the nutrition facts label.

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