Wixon Adds Mag-nifique for Stevia to Product Portfolio

May 18, 2009
Wixon Inc., a manufacturer of seasonings, flavors, and ingredients for the food and beverage industry, is introducing Mag-nifique for Stevia, a taste modifier that enhances sweetness and reduces the lingering aftertaste caused by stevia, a recently launched sugar substitute in the United States.Stevia, a Latin American herb with leaf extracts having two hundred times the sweetness of sugar with a longer duration of taste, has quickly grown in popularity as consumers continue to seek out healthy alternatives to foods commonly containing high levels of sugar.  Mag-nifique for Stevia enhances sweetness with natural flavors while reducing the bitter aftertaste that can occur when stevia is used at high concentrations.  Food processors and snack companies will be able to manage costs by using less stevia because of the synergistic effect of Mag-nifique for Stevia that allows for increased sweetness.Mag-nifique for Stevia can be used in any application where stevia is used, including beverages, desserts, snacks, baked goods, and more.  There is no impact on the texture, nutritional panel, chemical behavior, or heat stability of the product.  The taste modifier also does not break down or alter its flavor in cooking, freezing, or shelf-life applications.

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