Food Stabilizer Systems Enhance the Quality of Bakery Fillings, Sauces and Glazes

June 2, 2009

Advanced Food Systems has announced a line of Actogel value-added food stabilizer systems. These multi-functional ingredient systems are custom designed to enhance the quality and stability of bakery fillings, sauces and glazes, and retorted vegetables.

In sauces and glazes, Actogel systems make them more process tolerant, provide bake and emulsion stability, and enable glazes to adhere to raw or par-cooked foods such as chicken wings and ribs, and prevent run-off during cooking.

In baked goods, these versatile systems prevent viscosity drop-off in fillings, and prevent syneresis in mousse-type products during storage and distribution.  In high-solids fillings, Actogel prevents boil-out, and moisture migration into pie crust.

In retorted vegetable products such as peppers, Actogel can minimize purge and improve texture.

Actogel systems are cold water soluble, dry blends.  They also can be customized to meet such special requirements as all-natural, clean-label and allergen-free.