New Ingredient Offers Natural Preservative for Citrus Flavors

Jan. 9, 2009

Vitiva, Slovenia, introduces a new, natural citrus-flavor protection formula of its INOLENS rosemary extract line. INOLENS offers full protection of citrus flavors and citrus flavored-food and beverage applications in an all-natural format.

Citrus flavors, citrus essential oils, citrus-oil derivatives and complex citrus components such as citral and d-limonene are highly susceptible to oxidative stress, oxidative degradation and cyclization reaction and outcome, leading to a loss of fresh citrus flavor. Such oxidation factors lead to dramatic change in a product’s organoleptic characteristics, and consequently a decrease in product shelf life.

Vitiva researchers conducted extensive tests — including sensory protocols — in its application lab to evaluate protection effectiveness of INOLENS at minimum dosage. The results showed that even 20ppm provides up to six-fold protection for various citrus flavors in comparison to materials protected with BHT. INOLENS does not alter taste, odor or color of citrus flavors or citrus-flavored food and beverage formulations. INOLENS is easy to handle and dose, has excellent solubility in oil-based media or emulsions and is classified as “natural flavor” by European Council directive 88/388/EEC.