Archer Daniels Midland Company

April 17, 2007
NovaLipid line of zero/low trans-fat offers alternatives for formulators

On January 1, 2006, food manufacturers were required to label the trans-fat content of their foods on all nutritional fact panels. In response, ADM has developed its NovaLipid™ line of zero/low trans-fat alternatives for formulators. Developed by ADM’s global oil and lipid team, the NovaLipid line offers functionality, stability, and nutritional benefits to a number of food systems. The baking, snacks, confections, margarine, and frying industries may require a fat source that will meet consumer
demands for healthy, low/no trans-fat labels. NovaLipid products provides customers various zero/low trans-fat alternatives to a range of applications.

Download the PDF here on the NovaLipid line for more information.