Sensory Effects div. of Loders Croklaan

Dec. 21, 2005
Economical inclusions pack 'jammy/fruity' punch
SensoryEffects, a division of Loders Croklaan, has introduced Jammy and Fruity SensoryEffects.Jammy and Fruity SensoryEffects cost-reduce a baked good that contains blueberries or other berries/fruit pieces. They mimic real fruit visually and provide intense flavor, color and aroma, thereby offering an excellent alternative to increasingly expensive berries/fruits. Further, they are not subject to seasonality, thus providing a secure supply of consistent quality. SensoryEffects are shelf-stable and consistent from batch to batch, according to the manufacturer. Because they contain no trans or hydrogenated fats, they allow for consumer-friendly labeling. Jammy and Fruity SensoryEffects are available off-the-shelf or customized with various flavors, sizes, aromas, colors, and textures.“SensoryEffects is a sensation for all the senses. Flavors and aromas are more intense than competing products, and texture can be tailored to applications the visual cues can remain solid or dispersed,” describes Mary Thomas, sales and marketing manager for SensoryEffects.Unlike other inclusions, flavors, or spices and seasonings, SensoryEffects impact all of the senses with one piece. The products can be used in sweet and savory applications — for use in bakery goods, hot cereals and savory snacks.