Colloides Naturels, Inc.

July 12, 2005
Acacia-based Stabilizer Efficiently Effects Emulsions
Colloides Naturels, Inc. (CNI) will be promoting its new product EFICACIA, an acacia-based stabilizer for emulsion applications at the 2005 IFT Expo in New Orleans. Obtained from an innovative and proprietary process breakthrough, EFICACIA allows a reduction of 3-5 times in the typical use level when formulating flavor emulsions. EFICACIA is effective at use levels of 4-7% in liquid emulsions vs. typical levels of 18-25% with traditional acacia gums. This extremely high level of functionality and effectiveness provides major cost savings while also ensuring superior emulsion stability over time. CNI has a rich history of innovation and quality in the development of specialty products for emulsion stabilization and EFICACIA is the latest breakthrough.EFICACIA efficiently stabilizes flavor and beverage emulsions, guaranteeing total absence of creaming, flocculation, sedimentation or coalescence in the concentrated emulsion and after dilution. EFICACIA is particularly suited for highly concentrated emulsions with low dilution levels. EFICACIA provides emulsion stability over a wide pH range and is highly compatible with most traditional weighting systems including BVO and SAIB. It is works well in highly colored systems and integrates easily with the majority of artificial and natural coloring agents such as beta carotene, yellow #6, and oleoresins. EFICACIA is granulated, dust-free and flows easily to facilitate ease of handling and dispersion. The very quick hydration of EFICACIA offers significant time savings in the plant and increased productivity.EFICACIA is labeled as acacia gum (gum arabic) and benefits from the valuable linkage to an all natural product, which is GRAS and GMO-free. During manufacture, EFICACIA undergoes multiple physical purification steps, filtrations and pasteurization, which results a finished product with high microbiological purity and very low total plate counts.