David Delcourt, Seed Ranch Flavor Co.

Food Processing talked with David Delcourt, Chief of Flavor at Seed Ranch Flavor Co. in Boulder, CO to find out about his job, his likes, his dislikes, and what 5 tools he just can't work without.

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Tell us about your job

What are your best and least favorite parts of your job?
DD: The best? Hearing from our customers about how they're using the sauce. The least? Haggling with grocery, distributors, etc to pay on time!

Tell me about the company. How long have you been there?
DD: Seed Ranch got rolling Jan 1, 2017...as co-founder, I've been there from the beginning.

What keeps you up at night about the job, the company?
DD: How on earth I'm going to get everything done the next day (a perpetual cycle).

Seed Flavor Co.Tell me about the company you work for. What does Seed Ranch Do?
DD: Seed Ranch creates unique flavor hot sauces to make everyday meals exciting. Our Smoked Jalapeno, Thai Green, and Umami hot sauces are all very different than your typical sauces. We focus on quality, pure ingredients, with zero refined sugars, all from the best sources we can find, and flavor profiles that come from the culinary process...from our kitchen to your table. Once you taste Seed Ranch, it's hard to look at any big brand hot sauce the same way again.

But, do you like us?

Tell me about your interactions with Food Processing. How long have you been a reader of Food Processing?
DD: I've been a reader of your website for about 1.5 years

Could you stroke our egos a bit....Do you have a favorite part of the site?
DD: Industry news is very interesting to me. Flavor trends, mergers in the food world, organic vs conventional, no-sugar trends, etc.

Give it to me straight. Is there anything you wish we did/had on the site but didn't?
DD: As a small business, topics around co-packing, ingredient sourcing, and producing at the smaller scale would be helpful. Potentially a forum where other small businesses can comment and chime in. Linking articles to Facebook posts could be a good way to gather that information without relying on FP's own system.

5 Things

Last, but not least, what 5 things could you not live without at work?
Hot sauce, grapefruit LaCroix, cold brew coffee, microsoft excel (spreadsheet junky), and those huge post-it notes you can stick on the wall during meetings.

Anything you'd like to hear from other readers?
How other manufacturers produce their [consumer] product, either through a co-packer or with their own equipment.