New Food Products / Process and Operations

Cott Corp.

6525 Viscount Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4V 1H6
Phone: 905-672-1900

5519 W. Idlewild Ave.; Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: 813-313-1800

Executives: CEO: Jerry Fowden; VP & CFO: Jay Wells; VP-Human Resources: Michael Creamer; SVP-Chief Accounting Officer & Assistant Secretary: Gregory Leiter; VP-General Counsel & Secretary: Marni Poe; SVP-Chief Procurement Officer: Carlos Baila; Pres.-U.S. Business Unit: Michael Gibbons

Brands: Ben Shaw’s, Cott, Clear Choice, Fruit Refreshers, Orient Emporium Tea Co., So Clear, Stars & Stripes, Vess, Vintage, Mr. Fizz, Top Pop, City Club, Red Rain, Red Rooster, Royal Crown, Throwdown, Aftershock, private label & store brands

Product Areas: Soft drinks, energy drinks, sport drinks, water, tea, juices and smoothies