New Food Products / Process and Operations

Pinnacle Foods Corp.

399 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: 973-541-6620

Executives: Chrmn: Roger Deromedi; CEO: Mark A. Clouse; EVP & CFO: Craig Steeneck; EVP & CMO: Michael Barkley;


EVP & Pres-Birds Eye Frozen Division: Mark Schiller; EVP and Chief Customer Officer: Chris Boever; EVP and Chief Human Resources: Mary Beth DeNooyer; EVP and Chief Supply Chain Officer: Tony Fernandez; EVP, Secretary and General Counsel: M. Kelley Maggs; EVP & Pres- Duncan Hines Grocery: Christopher Slager; EVP & Pres-Birds eye: Mark L. Schiller; SVP, Deputy General Counsel and Asst. Secy: John Kroeger; SVP, Treasurer and Asst. Secy: Lynne M. Misericordia

Parent Firm: Now public, but Blackstone Group owns 51% of stock

Brands: Armour, Aunt Jemima, Bernstein's, Birds Eye, Brooks, C&W, Celeste, Comstock, , Duncan Hines, Earth Balance, Evol, Freshlike, Gardein, Glutino, Greenwood, Hungry-Man, Husman's, Lender's, Log Cabin, McKenzie's, Mrs. Butterworth's, Mrs. Paul's, Nalley, Open Pit, Riviera, Smart Balance, Snyder of Berlin, Swanson, Tim's, Udi's, Van de Kamp's, Vlasic, Voila!, Western, Wilderness, Wish-Bone

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities:
Darien, Wis. (frozen vegetables and complete bagged meals, 747,900 square feet)
Ft. Madison, Iowa (canned meat, grocery, 478,000 square feet)
Imlay City, Mich. (Pickles, peppers, relish, grocery, 461,000 square feet)
Fayetteville, Ark. (Frozen dinners and entrées, 390,000 sq. ft.)
Fennville, Mich. (Fruit toppings and fillings, grocery, 328,000 square feet)
Jackson, Tenn. (Frozen breakfast, frozen pizza, frozen prepared seafood, 324,300 square feet)
Waseca, Minn. (Frozen vegetables, 290,000 square feet)
St. Elmo, Ill. (Syrup, barbecue sauce, grocery 252,000 square feet)
Mattoon, Ill. (Bagels, frozen breakfast, 212,000 square feet)
Berlin, Pa. (Snack foods, 180,000 square feet)

Major Product Areas: Misc. groceries