New Food Products / Process and Operations

Ralcorp Holdings Inc.

800 Market Street, St. Louis, MO 63101
Phone: 314-877-7000
Fax: 314-877-7666

Executives: Co-Pres/CEO: Kevin J. Hunt; Co-Pres/CEO: David P. Skarie; VP & General Counsel & Secretary: Gregory A. Hillhartz; VP & Pres.-American Italian Pasta Company: Walter N. George; VP & Chief Accounting Officer: Thomas G. Granneman; VP & Pres.- Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products: Charles Huber, Jr.; VP & Pres.-Ralcorp Snacks, Sauces & Spreads: Richard R. Koulouris; VP-Treasurer & Corporate Development Officer: Scott Monette; VP, Treasurer & Corporate Development Officer: Scott Monette; VP & Pres.- Ralcorp Cereal Products: Ronald D. Wilkinson

Divisions: Frozen bakery products; Snacks, sauces & spreads; Cereal products; American Italian Pasta Co.

Brands: Bremner, Bloomfield Bakers, Carriage House, Cascade, Farina, Flavor House, Jero, Krusteaz, Lofthouse, Major Peters, Medallion, Nutcracker, Parco, Post, Ralston, Rippin’ Good, RyKrisp, 3 Minute Brand

Major Product Areas: Canned, frozen and preserved foods, bakery, grain mill products