National Honey Board Revamps Logo

April 6, 2010
Board believes new logo reflects a pure message
The National Honey Board has created a new logo to reinforce its main message: Honey is pure, all natural and contains only one ingredient. The logo will be used on print marketing materials, for trade show booths and materials, and in the Board’s social media circuit, including Facebook and Twitter.

The new logo reflects the process of creating an image and tagline that brands honey as the pure and all-natural sweetener.

The Board used both qualitative and quantitative measurements to land on the chosen logo and tagline. Focus groups and online surveys were created to get a better idea of consumer knowledge about and preferences toward honey. According to the 2009 Use and Attitude Study, the new tag-line, “Honey… The way nature intended,” was the top choice among consumers, and the “Honey One” logo blossomed out of NHB’s honey purity messaging.

To follow the new ‘look and feel’ theme, NHB released its newly revamped Web site, which includes an extensive recipe database, easier navigation and a foodservice page targeted at chefs and food-service professionals.

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