EtQ Unveils Redesigned User Interface in Release of Reliance 7.0

Jan. 28, 2010
EtQ announces the upcoming release of Reliance 7.0, with new enhancements to its innovative user interface.

The Reliance 7.0 user interface boasts several key enhancements that keep in line with EtQ’s vision for creating a unified user experience that flattens the learning curve. Some of the highlighted enhancements include:

  • View Navigator—EtQ View Navigator has been enhanced with a new look and feel designed to make data easily accessible, and includes changes to search application fields/icons, folder and document icons. The selected report view is highlighted in the navigator, and the system “remembers” the current view, even when users navigate away to other tabs. In addition, the view navigator can now be collapsed by the user to show more on-screen data. This feature enhances convenience for the user when working on multiple tasks.
  • Intelligent Action Buttons—Action buttons can now be automatically reordered according to usage. Favorite action buttons have been changed to intuitive icons with descriptive captions and action items used least are now grouped in the drill-down “More” menu. Action icons can also be displayed in a new “button bar” at the bottom of the form.
  • Highlighted Records—Utilizing the latest in Web technology, records are now highlighted on MouseOver, resulting in easier navigation. Additionally, column headers are now highlighted on MouseOver for enhanced sorting purposes.
  • Tabbed Forms—EtQ’s tabbed browsing clearly distinguishes the content of the page represented by the tab, such as document type and number. This feature helps users to clearly identify the content within each open tab, thus improving overall productivity when working with multiple tabs. Within the EtQ forms, fields have also taken on a tabular look, helping to work on multiple sections in an efficient manner.
  • Help—Context-sensitive Help is now available from all pages and dialogs. The Help content provides easy and fast online access to the detailed instructions already available in EtQ’s extensive User Manuals. Help can be easily changed to match the customer’s own specific configurations.
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