Wilbur Chocolate celebrates 125 years in the chocolate industry

Nov. 30, 2009

This year, Wilbur Chocolate celebrates its 125th year of business in the chocolate industry.

Wilbur offers a wide range of premium quality chocolate and cocoa products to confectioners,chefs, bakers, dairies and other food manufacturing businesses throughout North America.

In 1865, H.O. Wilbur and Samuel Croft began a confectionery business in Philadelphia, Pa. The company of Croft & Wilbur originally made a variety of candy—focusing on molasses and hard candies—that were sold to railroad boys to resell to passengers. As business prospered, a separate company was needed. In 1884, Croft and Wilbur parted ways and a new company was created that specialized in chocolate and cocoa alone: H.O. Wilbur & Sons. In 1894, the famous Wilbur Buds® chocolates were first introduced to consumers.

By 1934, all operations had relocated to Lititz, Pa., and that same factory continues to be utilized in the production of chocolate, chocolate chips and other chocolaty products. Following several mergers with other confectionery manufacturers—including Suchard Societe Anonyme of Switzerland and Brewster-Ideal Chocolate Co. of Lititz—Wilbur became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cargill, Inc. in 1992. Wilbur now operates factories in Lititz and Mt. Joy, Pa. as well as Burlington, Canada.

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