Malaysian Palm Oil Producers Lead World In Adopting Strictest Sustainability Standards


Oct 10, 2008

The American Palm Oil Council (APOC) announced that a Malaysian palm oil plantation has been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as the first plantation to adopt the strictest standards of sustainability in its production of palm oil.

The Malaysia-based United Plantations Bhd last month received the RSPO Certificate of Conformance to RSPO Principles and Criteria. 

Dedicated to promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil, the RSPO defines sustainable palm oil as production as “comprised of legal, economically viable, environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management and operations.”  In order to obtain the RSPO certification, United Plantations Bhd participated in thorough investigations of its nine estates, six mills and conservation areas; interviews with management, staff and workers regarding management systems and social amenities; and a meeting with 150 of the company’s stakeholders to ensure that the plantation fulfills each of the RSPO criteria. 

The American Palm Oil Council, the U.S. association representing the Malaysian palm oil industry, works to educate the American public about the benefits of palm oil, which is used around the world in food applications, biofuel, soaps, candles, and other products.

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