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FMC BioPolymer Announces Price Increase


Oct 17, 2008

FMC BioPolymer  ( announced a minimum 15 percent price increase for all products, effective November 1, 2008, as contracts allow. The increase affects microcrystalline cellulose, carrageenan, alginates and PGA product lines across food/specialty, pharmaceutical and personal care markets. Surcharges implemented on carrageenan products earlier this year will remain in effect. FMC BioPolymer is a division of FMC Corporation ( Higher costs for strategic raw materials, processing chemicals and transportation, combined with the supply and demand dynamics, continue to be major factors contributing to the price increases.

Carrageenan, microcrystalline cellulose and alginate are highly functional ingredients that are widely used throughout the world in food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products.