SunOpta Ingredients Announces Partnership to Market Barley Balance Beta-Glucan Soluble Fiber

Source: FoodProcessing.com

Jan 29, 2009

SunOpta Ingredients Group announced it has expanded its portfolio of functional fibers to include soluble fiber. SunOpta entered into a partnership agreement with PolyCell Technologies of Crookston, Minn. to market and sell Barley Balance beta-glucan concentrate.

According to the company, Barley Balance is the most concentrated source of barley beta-glucan soluble fiber produced by a natural and sustainable process. Starting with North American waxy, hull-less barley, this ingredient is made using a proprietary dry milling and separation process that is solvent free.

Barley Balance contains a minimum of 25% beta-glucan and over 35% total dietary fiber adding superb nutritional benefits and functional performance to food and beverage products. Products containing Barley Balance qualify for the FDA barley beta-glucan heart health claim, allowing consumer products producers who meet the FDA standard, the opportunity to make a claim that their product can lower the risk of heart disease. Barley beta-glucan has been widely tested in human and animal clinical trials showing cholesterol reduction, improvement in blood sugar control, increased satiety and prebiotic function.

This soluble fiber can be incorporated into a wide variety of foods including breads, muffins,tortillas, crackers, cereal, nutrition bars and beverages. Barley Balance is an effective fat replacer and provides anti-staling advantages.