Food Safety

EBI Food Safety Partners with WTI to Market Anti-Listeria Bacteriophage


Apr 07, 2009

EBI Food Safety announced it has established a partnership with US distributor WTI to market its award-winning anti-Listeria bacteriophage Listex to North American meat and poultry customers.

Listex is a GRAS-approved bacteriophage product which effectively eliminates Listeria monocytogenes, without affecting the organolepetic properties of the food, such as taste, texture, odour or colour. Organic, safe and easy to apply, Listex can be used as a processing aid on a variety of Listeria-susceptible products, such as hams and hot dogs, cheese, fish and many ready-to-eat products. Listex can be used in compliance with the USDA’s Alternative 1 or 2 control regulations.

WTI (World Technology Ingredients) provides the food processing industry with new technology and customized clean label solutions to enhance food safety and quality. As the only US supplier for Listex, WTI will assume responsibility for the supply of Listex to the US meat and poultry market.