Global Organics Introduces “EcoSocial” Certified Organic Sugar


Oct 06, 2009

Global Organics ( introduced “EcoSocial” certified organic cane sugar to North America. The EcoSocial certification promotes “ethical trade” by integrating economic, social and environmental criteria to create a “3-in-1” certification that covers the entire supply chain.

Launched by South America’s organic certification pioneer, IBD Certifications (, the EcoSocial seal is distinguished by three unique criteria:

  • “3-in-1” Certification – The EcoSocial seal sets stringent criteria for full certification in three areas: economic, social and environmental, yet it allows flexibility to accommodate best practices given regional context, culture, and the product being produced.
  • Traceability – EcoSocial is the first certification to require organic producers and their partners to make the specific projects they support and the funds being allocated to those projects transparent to the public. Without exception, all premiums from the sale of the EcoSocial certified product go to benefit the producer communities.
  • Improvement – EcoSocial is not a certification that can be bought by simply paying a premium. It requires participating growers and organizations to choose at least two social and two ecological goals to be supported by premiums generated from the sale of their product, and requires continuous improvement in pursuit of those goals in order to maintain the certification.