High-Speed Spouted Pouch Filling Equipment Available Soon From Wild Flavors, Pourch and Pack Concepts


Jul 14, 2010

WildFlavors and its subsidiary Pouch and Pack Concepts, announce the initial installation of high-speed spouted pouch filling equipment at selected co-packing locations in the United States. Pouch and Pack's spouted pouch high-speed filling machines were developed by the INDAG Company of Eppelheim, Germany.

The high-speed spouted pouch filling machines are state-of-the-art for line speed, quality and reliability and have been in operation at the Deutsche SiSi production facility in Eppelheim supporting the Capri Sonne and Capri Sun business in Germany as well as the United Kingdom. WILD Flavors and Pouch and Pack Concepts, in cooperation with co-packing partners, will have line capacity available by the end of the first quarter 2011.

The spouted pouch is designed for active on-the-go products that are ideal for mobile consumers. The spouted pouch provides a cost-effective, unique package for beverages that are easily portable when filled and even more space-efficient and environmentally friendly when empty.