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PureCircle and S&W Seed Company Partner To Grow Stevia Leaf In California

Jul 29, 2010

S&W Seed Company has entered into a five-year agreement with PureCircle. The agreement provides for PureCircle to purchase stevia leaf from S&W and its subsidiary, Stevia California.
The new contract contains a confidential pricing arrangement and provides strong commercial incentive for S&W to accelerate commercial production of stevia leaf in California, involving significant acreage, with confidence that PureCircle will be a reliable customer. Likewise, PureCircle can expect that S&W, for its part, will focus on providing PureCircle with a reliable domestic US source of stevia leaf. More specifically, S&W anticipates supplying PureCircle with a minimum of 1000 metric tons (2.2 million pounds) of stevia leaf over the first two years of the agreement.