Magnet Applications Advances 3D Printed NdFeB Magnets

Dec 02, 2016

1612 3DprintedmagnetMagnet Applications Inc. announced a breakthrough in 3D printed neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets. According to a release, engineers from Magnet Applications paired with researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to prove permanent magnets produced by additive manufacturing (otherwise known as “3D Printing”) can outperform bonded magnets.

The release goes on to explain that the product was manufactured starting with composite pellets that had 65 volume percent isotropic NdFeB powder and 35 percent polyamide nylon-12 binder in a precise ratio, blended to a consistent texture.

With control over the size and shape of the magnet – as well as the magnetic field – further research will include printing magnets in various strengths with preferred direction of magnetization.

You can read more about the magnets and the process the Nature website.