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Sentry Insurance Rebrands; Unveils New Brand Identity

Nov 01, 2016

Wisconsin-based mutual insurance company Sentry recently unveiled a new brand identity.

The new brand includes a logo, color scheme and communication strategy to reflect the company to customers.

According to a release, the new logo honors Sentry’s history of partnership and collaboration. The dual-piece symbol – reminiscent of the timeless yin and yang – represents the two sides of every conversation.

Sentry provides business insurance, benefit plans, and other products to large and small companies throughout the United States. The company serves more than one million policyholders.

Per the release, the launch of the new logo and brand identity was developed in collaboration with FutureBrand, a global brand experience company. The identity was developed through quantitative and qualitative research focused on current customers, prospects, Sentry associates and retirees, and the general public.

In a statement to Food Processing, representatives of Sentry commented: "When it comes to the food processing industry, we know risk management is one ingredient [processors] can’t ignore. Sentry Insurance understands your concerns, and they’re prepared to provide risk management solutions that make sense—for you, your employees, and your business."

Learn more about Sentry's new branding on their website.