Frutarom USA Inc.

Frutarom USA Inc. recently introduced new flavors with distinctive characteristics for beverage, baking and savory products. Green Tea Flavor is made with natural green tea and is suitable for healthy beverage concepts. Other flavors include a lemon taste at very low usage with Natural Lemonade Flavor to enhance carbonated and still beverages; Natural Fresh Juicy Peach Flavor; Natural Red Cranberry Type Flavor; and Natural Ripe Apricot Type Flavor, suited to a wide range of beverage, bakery and sweet applications, including bakery and confectionery fillings.

For bakery applications, Frutarom offers Natural and Artificial Milk Chocolate Flavor; Natural and Artificial Blueberry Flavor; Artificial Fresh Apple (which offers great stability, even at high temperatures); Artificial Grape Jelly; Corn Type Flavor; and Artificial Butter Vanilla Flavor. These work well in fillings for bakery and confectionery items.

For savory notes, Artificial Turkey Flavor replicates roasted turkey pan drippings; and buttery potato notes are achieved with Artificial Mashed Potato Flavor, which performs well in low-fat potato snacks as well as in a range of potato products. Frutarom also offers Artificial Fried Chicken Flavor and Artificial Steamed Clam. Finally, Natural Protein Soy Masking Flavor has been developed to cover strong protein and soy characteristics in product formulations with high soy and protein content.

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