The Coromega Co.

The Coromega Company, Inc., unveiled a new flavor — Orange with a Hint of Chocolate — as well as redesigned packaging at Natural Products Expo East in Washington, D.C. last month.

“With this addition to the Coromega family, consumers — especially children and pill-fatigued adults — have another delicious option for getting their daily dose of Omega-3s,” said Bill Roberts, president of Coromega's parent company, PlusPharma. “In addition, our bold, attractive packaging gives our expanded line an updated look to attract new consumers, while maintaining enough familiarity to be recognized by long-time customers.”

Coromega brand Omega-3 dietary supplement is a natural source of essential fatty acids derived from pharmaceutical-grade fish oil and provided in a unique delivery system. Omega-3s derived from fish oil are recognized for their cardiovascular, joint, neonatal, skin, immune system, and brain and eye health benefits. Coromega, which is patented worldwide, is a proprietary, emulsified form of the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, protected and stabilized with vitamins C and E.

The Coromega delivery system offers superior bioavailability (three times that of softgel form, according to the company) in a single-serving squeeze packet to ensure purity and freshness. The Coromega packet makes consumption extremely convenient, which has fueled the product's growth. The product is said to have a delightful, “pudding-like” taste; it may be enjoyed directly from the single-serve packet or mixed with yogurt or orange juice.

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