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Since mainline conveyors transporting food through any process are particularly vulnerable to bacteria growth, cross-contamination and allergens, they often have to be washed down several times a day — a necessary, but time-consuming delay in production.

However, the new mainline AquaPruf 7400 Series sanitary conveyor platform from Dorner Mfg. Corp. can be completely disassembled, without tools, in only three minutes — a great time-saving benefit when it comes time to wash down the conveyor system. The 7400 Series also represents a significant new design change that eliminates fasteners from the conveyor. This is important because there are now fewer places for loose food items to collect.

After a thorough study of food processors' material handling needs, Dorner designed the 7400 Series to meet customers' expectations of cleanliness, durability and safety by incorporating the following features:
  • No fasteners (bolts) on conveyor for greater sanitary conditions.
  • Solid UHMW wear strips for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless steel frame with no horizontal surfaces for optimum cleaning.
  • Conveyor belting guards against bacterial growth.
  • The 7400 Series has removed 16 fasteners from the conveyor and uses smooth Tig welding in the assembly. The elimination of bolt heads on the conveyor means there are fewer areas for loose food particles and bacteria to collect. Disassembles completely in three minutes. One person with no tools can disassemble the 7400 Series in only three minutes. For applications that call for daily cleanings, taking apart the conveyor in just a few minutes is a real time saver.

    Using UHMW wear strips provides fast and easy cleaning for customers. Each piece is identical and completely interchangeable.

    Designing a sanitary conveyor system with no flat surfaces eliminates collection points for loose food items, and drains while cleaning. Frame cutout allows access for internal cleaning. Optional cutouts along the frame give open access to cleaning inside the conveyor frame and underneath the conveyor’s belt.

    HabaGUARD conveyor belting prevents the growth of microorganisms on belt surfaces. The antimicrobial in HabaGUARD is the only additive approved and EPA-registered for direct food contact.
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Conveying equipment
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