Laser takes optical inspection capabilities to the next level

Key Technology’s Optyx 3000 Series Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology combines proprietary color cameras with laser technology to maximize the detection and removal of defective product and foreign material. Optyx with Raptor Laser Technology improves product quality and optimizes food safety.

As the only Class I laser sorter in the food industry, Key’s Optyx with Raptor Laser Technology sets a new standard in inspection performance and safety, according to the company. Offering the highest spatial resolution laser scanner in food sorting, Raptor detects the smallest defects and foreign material.

With Key’s high intensity discharge (HID) illumination system and CCD-based camera technology, Optyx analyzes size and shape as well as millions of subtle color differences. Raptor Laser Technology reliably detects foreign matter based on differences in the optical properties of materials. Optyx image processing muscle is applied to images from both the color cameras and the Raptor Laser Technology. Combining the industry’s most sophisticated color sorting with new laser technology achieves the most complete sort, maximizing the removal of defects and foreign matter in the product stream while improving recovery rates.

Key’s new Optyx Sorter with Raptor Laser Technology is ideal for lines handling up to six tons of product per hour. With superior detection of defects and foreign material, Optyx with Raptor eliminates costly hand-sorting labor and offers rapid payback. When located immediately upstream of final packaging, the new sorter assures processors and their customers that packaged products meet specifications.

Product Type:
Inspection equipment
Key Technology