Videojet Technologies Inc.

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Combining 100 watts of peak laser power with state-of-the-art scanning technology, the new Videojet 3410 laser coder from Videojet Technologies Inc. provides high-quality coding for the fastest production lines and harsh environments. The laser prints high-quality graphics, characters and bar codes on a wide range of packaging materials, including certain rubbers and plastics that are traditionally difficult to mark.

“Capable of letter-quality script at over 2,400 feet per minute, the Videojet 3410 is ideal for high-speed applications in the food, beverage, brewing and extrusion industries,” says Steffani Strok, laser product manager for Videojet Technologies.

The unit features a mobile, IP65-rated stainless steel cabinet that protects the electronics, cooling system, laser and optical components to provide reliability and easy installation in tight spaces. The articulated arm adjusts to fit in hard-to-reach areas, and the compact marking head allows for coding in any orientation. It is programmed via a simple integral user interface that provides access to all routine set-up functions. There is also a PC user interface option for greater flexibility and more sophisticated print functions and graphics.

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