Mikron Infrared, Inc.

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Mikron Infrared describes its new 7815B infrared camera as being "like an x-ray machine for building diagnostics, identifying a wide range of invisible problems that add hidden costs to building ownership."

The 7815B combines the highest-resolution microbolometer camera in the industry with a visible light camera and laser target dot to make professional thermal imaging point-and-shoot simple. It can detect air infiltration, moisture intrusion, mold, fungus, energy losses, pest infestations and other problems. Mikron's ThermalSpection software for R-value calculation, available as an option, makes it easy to produce clear professional reports, even calculating heat losses and current R-values of walls, doors, etc.

The value-engineered M7815B is a price-point first with a high-performance 320x240 detector that offers four times the resolution of standard 160x120 cameras, while still comparably priced at just $16,500. The detector resolves an area smaller than one-tenth of a square inch at six feet, resulting in precision temperature measurement, along with thermal images that are free of pixelating. The combination of high-resolution IR detector, laser pointer and visual camera capability – never before available in this price range – enable precise problem identification to guide workers. The visual camera provides a 752x480 pixel image. Both IR and visual cameras offer a focusing range of 12" to infinity.

The camera's IR detector measures passive radiation emitted by the target and converts the temperature readings into a two-dimensional image showing the temperature distribution at the target surface. Thermal images can be viewed in grayscale or full color, with several color palettes available to allow best definition and interpretation.

Optimized for a working range of -40°C to 120°C, the 7815B is accurate to ±2°C (±2%). On-board diagnostic software provides an intuitive menu system easily accessed by a push-button control panel located on the back of the camera. The camera can store up to 1300 14-bit images to internal flash memory. A USB 2.0 port allows images and image data to be transferred to external devices. The articulating 3.5" LCD display gives the operator an optimum viewing angle no matter how the camera is aimed, and folds down to cover the control panel when not in use.

With an ergonomic, pistol-shaped housing and a weight of just 2.9 lbs, the M7815B is designed for easy one-hand operation, but can also be tripod-mounted. The durable housing is dust-proof and weather-resistant, and the camera is highly shock- and vibration-resistant.

The 7815B ships with two Li-ion batteries, each good for approximately 2.5 hours use when fully charged. Accessories include smart battery charger, AC adapter and DC interface cable, USB cable, carrying case and software.

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