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Smoothie photo courtesy of RawGuru.com.

Food product designers can choose from two new soluble rice protein powders with either 75 percent protein content on dry matter for higher soluble protein or 65 percent protein content on dry matter. These bland powders, available from A&B Ingredients, have an excess of the essential sulfur-containing amino acids cysteine and methionine. Thus, when combined with proteins with high-lysine content such as from soy, the consumer receives balanced protein.

One grade of the powder was developed to fortify solid foods in which the nutrition concerns dominate. The other grade facilitates use in liquids such as breakfast drinks, rice drinks, smoothies, infant milks, diet meals and drinks as well as enteral and clinical preparations.

The amino acid pattern of these rice-based protein powders:
Amino acids (percentage on protein dry solids) Typical
Alanine 5.65
Arginine 8.16
Glutamate 17.93
Glycine 4.44
Histidine 2.35
Isoleucine 4.40
Leucine 8.45
Lysine 3.03
Methionine 3.63
Phenylalanine 5.46
Proline 4.47
Threonine 3.55
Tyrosine 5.07
Valine 6.34

“There’s no question that the consumer benefits if fortified foods contain a balanced protein so that all the needed amino acids are represented in the proportions best for health,” says Gil Bakal, Managing Director of A&B Ingredients. “We have the expertise and facilities to help food scientists and developers use these special soluble rice-based protein powders,” he added.

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