Table bagging systems provide accuracy, sanitary design

Gainco’s line of AccuFill weigh/bagging and table bagging systems incorporate a “hygienic” design, deliver heightened accuracy, efficiency, sanitation and cost-saving performance.

The systems are said to be ideal for the full range of meat, poultry and seafood classifying, weighing and bagging applications, including chops, filets, drumsticks, tenders, wings, fish filets and shellfish products.

In contrast to conventional tubing designs for these systems, the special open-frame design of Gainco’s AccuFill weigh/bagging and table bagging equipment promotes better food safety and ease of cleaning, making them perfectly suited for food processing environments. All systems feature rugged, sanitary stainless steel construction for long-life performance. Specially-engineered angled edges and openings prevent washdown water and other fluids from collecting and hiding in crevices or other areas that can harbor bacteria growth.

Beyond the clear benefits of better cleanliness and sanitation, numerous productivity-enhancing features of AccuFill weigh/bagging systems include the ability to accommodate each user’s specific wicketed bag requirements, such as adjusting weight set-points and lower/upper limits. A “quick change” wicket holder facilitates the rapid reloading of bags, while a checkweighing feature guards against overpacking.

Controllers provide easy flexibility in program setup and operation, and a battery-backed memory has been designed into the system for recording the total number of bags, total weight, plus all setup parameters. Incorporating “auto-zero” software automatically adjusts for any product accumulation on the hopper surfaces to ensure better weighing accuracy.

Multiple system configurations are available, including dual-stage and quad systems used in conveyor-fed, high-volume product applications where varying customer requirements or floor space considerations are prime factors.

A continuous flow of product can be visually inspected and directed into the weigh hopper for precise weighing and bagging. In addition to the labor savings resulting from combining several work functions into one efficient process, faster cycle times and increased throughput can be achieved.

Product Type:
Sanitation & hygiene