New Spray Nozzle Promotes Dairy, Food and Juice Productivity and Saves Product Loss

Food industry spray nozzle specialist Delavan has introduced a check valve variation in their SDX spray drying nozzles, giving operators drip-free shut off, saving loss of valuable product and avoiding the need for clean-up before processes restart.  Dairy, food and juice producers will benefit by saving time, reducing product waste and eliminating a potential hygiene hazard. Designated the SDX V, the new nozzle is considered the flagship of the SDX line.

Delavan SDX nozzles are precision manufactured from stainless steel for durability and wear resistance.  Nozzle wear parts are made from high-grade carbide.  Optimum performance is therefore maintained longer, sustaining target yields and minimizing process stoppages for nozzle maintenance or changes. To ensure process continuity, SDX nozzles are designed for quick and easy installation and rapid changeover of wear components. 

Product Type:
Cookers, dryers & ovens