Ultra-premium rye added to whiskey portfolio

Spirits expert F. Paul Pacult, editor of F. Paul Pacult's Spirit Journal, reports rye whiskey is experiencing newfound popularity. "Straight rye whiskey is a bona fide comer because the increasingly sophisticated American palate is searching for new and exciting high-end spirits."

Deerfield, Ill.-based Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. expands its award-winning whiskey portfolio with the introduction of (ri)1 Whiskey, the company's first ultra-premium rye whiskey. Debuting nationwide in limited quantities, (ri)1 (pronounced "rye one") is set to elevate the ultra-premium whiskey category, offering consumers a refined flavor, a striking look and a new take on cocktail couture.

"The traditional rye whiskey category takes on a modern look and feel with the introduction of (ri)1," says Brand Manager Mara Melamed. "(ri)1 is a cutting-edge spirit for today's top tastemakers and cocktail drinkers who are looking to expand their ultra-premium spirits repertoire. It brings cocktails to life by celebrating smooth rye flavor notes, and its stylish packaging and simple name showcase a fresh take on a classic spirit." 

Bottled at 92 proof, (ri)1 features a light, slightly spicy flavor and a long, luxurious finish. Straight, the nose offers a gentle, peppery nod to its rye heritage. Cut with water, the scents of dried fruit and cinnamon push to the front, providing a rich palate experience. It is packaged in a distinctive glass bottle with a single label that reinforces the brand's straightforward feel and modern style. Future variants, including (ri)2 and (ri)3, are planned to create a complete product line.

Suggested retail price per 750ml bottle is $46-$48.

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