Gaskets Boost Pressure with CPVC Flange Kits

Stress Saver XP gaskets  from Garlock Sealing Technologies allow pump, valve and other connections made with The Lubrizol Corporation’s new Corzan High-Pressure Flange Kit to withstand the same pressure as the Corzan CPVC piping systems in which they are installed. As a result, these flanged joints are no longer limited to the 150 psi rating of typical CPVC flanges.

Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Garlock’s Stress Saver XP gaskets are the first to be tested and qualified for inclusion in the FGG/BM/CZ System Compatible Program, confirming their chemical compatibility with Lubrizol’s Corzan CPVC. The gaskets feature raised, molded-in rings that seal with 75% less surface contact and lower seating stress than expanded or specialty PTFE gaskets, making them ideal for non-metallic flanges. The Corzan High-Pressure Flange Kit also includes installation hardware and a specially designed backing ring which allows more torque on the bolts without damaging the CPVC flange. The assembled flanged systems meet the pressure bearing requirements of ASTM F1970.

Product Type:
Pumps & valves
Garlock Sealing Technologies