Sanitary Batch Mixer For Powder Bulk Applications Means Higher Production Volume

Marion Mixers Inc. introduces its custom designed horizontal batch mixer with adjustable paddle blades. This mixer is ideal for any powder bulk application. It mixes and disperses in one operation, which means higher production volume by combining process functions for faster mixing. The combination of the optional chopper motor and the unique time-tested paddle blade design will produce a superior product mix. Save on your electric expense by using premium, efficient motors and adjustable speed drives in your processing operations.

The mixer features a T304 stainless steel trough with internal product contact surfaces polished to #120 and internal fillet welds ground to a minimum #80-grit finish for easy clean-out. The paddle agitator consists of T 304 SS welded arms and welded paddles with a blade clearance set at .030” from the bottom centerline of the trough, considered one of the tightest in the industry. The mainshaft seal is an easy-clean, adjustable, split stuffing box seal with air-purge provision designed to prevent shaft run-out in the seal area, not to exceed .005”.  The discharge port consists of an 8” diameter butterfly, lever-actuated discharge valve. The powertrain consists of a 20 Hp TEFC, 3P, 60-Hz motor with Dodge shaft mounted reducer.


• Mixing blocks of solid shortening (or liquid shortening) into bakery mixes.
• Mixing agglomerated pigments into plastic powder.
• Mixing PVC resins, oily plasticizers, fillers and pigments.
• Mixing resin into compacted asbestos, synthetic fiber, or fiberglass.
• Mixing dry pharmaceutical preparations with thick liquid binders. The choppers break
  up the liquid-rich lumps and coat the particles to produce a homogenous, compatible mix.

Product Type:
Mixing & blending
Marion Mixers Inc.