Tub Dumper Increases Efficency For Food Processors

Custom Metalcraft introduces its new Economical Tub Dumper.  Manufactured from 304 stainless steel.  Standard Sanitary Food Grade design.  Manufactured per the following Specifications:  
• Available in Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electric
• Different Receiver Options available 
• Designed to accommodate your specific style containers
• Attachments available to allow use with more than one size container
• Portable Option
• Dumper heights up to 66 inches 
• Self Contained
• User Friendly
• Safety Locks in upward position in case of loss of power to your facility
• Design (Dead Man Switch Control)
• Dumps up to 800 lbs 
• Approximate cycle time of 45 seconds
Product Type:
Conveying equipment
Custom Metalcraft